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Jessup's of Daytona was originally a hardware store established by Mr. Charles Jessup in 1931. As a result of hard times during the Great Depression, he began making loans to his hardware store customers and individuals in the community and Jessup's eventually morphed into a pawn shop.  Years later, upon Mr. Jessup’s retirement, it was passed down to his two daughters, Esther & Ruth Jessup (Harshaw). When Esther Jessup wanted to retire many years later, it was purchased in 1973 by Ruth’s son, Roger Harshaw, who ran it until 2020- when it officially closed for business.

Just a little bit south, Jessup's of New Smyrna was independently established in 1981 by Sheila Harshaw (former wife of Roger Harshaw). Sheila owned & operated the New Smyrna Beach location until 2004, when Roger & Sheila's son, Trey Harshaw, purchased the family business.  Trey is the current owner of Jessup's of New Smyrna at its original location. Trey is the great grandson of Charles Jessup and fourth (4th) generation owner.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to our Team!!  We employ fair-minded, pleasant individuals with customer service as our number one goal.  We have an extensive training program-- training our staff to be experts in all areas of the business. As an example, our team members are trained to grade diamonds by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) standards.  Another example is that we train/require our team members to have the necessary skills to assay precious metals (i.e.- 14K gold, .900 Platinum, .925 Sterling).  And yes, we can start & evaluate the condition of a chainsaw too!!       

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