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Services We Offer

We are a full service Jewelry & Pawn business.   


Examples of the jewelry services we offer:

Stone Setting

Ring Sizing

Chain Repair


Professional Buff/Polish

Rhodium Finish

Watch Batteries

Watch Band Sizing

Bring in an item of value and our staff will quickly appraise it's value. Based on the value of your item, we will offer a short term (30 day) cash loan while holding your item as collateral until you come to retrieve it. Pawn shops offer quick, confidential, collateral loans and do not report to the credit bureaus. 


Still hanging onto that single hoop earring with no mate, or broken jewelry at the bottom of the jewelry box? We buy all types of gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. We will pay top dollar for your items!

With one of the largest selections of musical instruments & accessories in SE Volusia County we purchase all manner of musical instruments including guitars, saxophones, flutes, keyboards, & violins.

All finished up with your DIY project(s) and/or needing to clear out the garage? We buy all manner of well-kept cordless tools, generators, air tools, surfboards, kayaks, fishing & hunting equipment.  

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