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We provide short-term, confidential, collateral loans with NO credit check!  This is called a "Pawn".

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Cash for Your Items

Bring your item in and our staff will confidentially & quickly appraise its value based on its current condition and its original new price. We will offer you a thirty (30) day loan(pawn) based on that item's value & hold the item as collateral until the loan/pawn is paid in full.

What Do We Take as Collateral?

  • Fine Jewelry, Precious Metals, & Coins

  • High-end Watches- (Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Tag, Omega, etc.)

  • Firearms

  • Televisions & Electronics (no cellphones)

  • Musical Instruments

  • Power Tools & Power Lawn Equipment

  • Sporting Equipment

  • And Much. Much More!

  • "Nothing that eats", please!!  

Collection of photos including images of tools

How long is the collateral loan? 

Our loan terms are for thirty (30) days with multiple thirty (30) day extension periods possible.

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Stock image of a united states passport
Stock image of a Florida state drivers license and state ID card

    What You Need to Bring

A valid Driver's License/State ID or a US Passport

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